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Motion graphics or mouse graphics

Motion graphics or mouse graphics

The acclaimed work of the year

Written by Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hosseinpour

The problem became so complex and vital that the early man of the caveman sought a more efficient method than inscriptions or paintings and engravings on animal skins, and there was a need for motion graphic artists to discuss and debate. Tribal strife ensued to the extent that historians have attributed the Trojan Wars and the Crusades to these noble souls.

The thinkers and graphic artists of ancient Iran, by painting on jars and turning them, have considered this style as the beginning of dominance over other drawings, writings and engravings.

In short, I will not give you a headache and leave the historical discussions, not every mouse is graphic and not every graphic is motion, and it has principles and rules that I have written in my book in the series of detailed discussions, the reasons for the account of one hundred and twenty-three Deposit one thousand tomans to the account number in the directive containing your message with the subject “Hello, how are you?” Please send me your account number.

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